Welcome to Legends MMA, we’re glad you found us. Whatever your goals, we’re here to help.

Our classes are taught in a friendly environment, where we value skill, smarts and sportsmanship over strength or brutality. We strive to make every student’s experience a pleasant one. Members can expect a great workout, and look forward to acquiring rare and valuable skills, that will benefit all areas of life.

Legends’ covers everything. Our programs provide detailed training in each specific art or offer the fusion that is Mixed Martial Arts. You can develop your stand-up skills in our extensive Muay Thai program, or work your ground-game with our Jiu Jitsu team. We have classes that combine the standing- and ground work arts giving the students overall skill. These programs are battle proven and tested by our fighters.


True Warrior Muay Thai

Striking is a must. Not only is it a great place to start your fight training, it’s a great way to start getting Fighting Fit!

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CLUBEâ„¢ Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Now let’s move to the ground and finish the fight! Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is known for it finishing effectiveness using devastating chokes and joint locks.

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Mixed Martial Arts

This is where it all comes together. Seamlessly blend your striking and your ground into one complete fighting system.

UFC Here I Come!

Now with two locations to serve you.

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Why Legends MMA?

We stand for giving every person, male or female, professional or hobbyist, the opportunity to develop the skill and conditioning of a warrior. Legends’ is a luxury facility with experienced instructors where students can learn martial arts skills in a friendly and motivating environment.

We stand for quality instruction and training, and we want the experience of joining our gym to be a enriching and motivating. We are confident in our methods and look forward to passing the knowledge to our students.

What makes us different from ANY other school or gym, is our philosophy of teaching. Our unique system makes this knowledge accessible for all to practice. No matter who you are, or what you do, the teachers at Legends can teach you the “art” in Martial Arts and enrich your life.


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